In your practice of social work, you will often be tasked with meeting with clients to complete an intake evaluation including a biopsychosocial assessment.  Social workers also need skills in formulating a plan of intervention to assist your client in achieving their goals.  To help develop these skills, you will be completing a case study of a young, gay man named Jude.



To begin this assignment, you will need to first read through the following case study:


This is a story of young Jude. He was a very bright boy with the I.Q. of a genius.

His mother loved him and protected him. His father was an alcoholic that spent the evenings drinking at the bar. When his father arrived home, Jude was often in bed and would hear his parents fighting. His mother would yell, “Where were you? Why didn’t you call? I was worried.” His father would yell his response, “I was out where I always am. I don’t have to answer to you.”

Jude claimed Christianity as his faith. He loved his parents. Every night he would pray that his father would come to know Christ. He had great faith.

His uncle was very nice to him. The family would visit his uncle from time to time and his uncle visited them. These times were full of positive experiences. His uncle initiated family trips to places like Hershey Park and water parks. Once when visiting his uncle, they went to the Herkimer Diamond Mines. The boy chipped away at rocks and uncovered “diamonds” (quartz crystals). They were Jude’s most precious possession.

One night Jude made a cross from Popsicle sticks and placed the “diamonds” on the ends of the cross. He prayed and offered those diamonds as a sacrifice to the Lord asking God to bring his father to salvation.

Jude’s father rarely had anything to do with him. Jude didn’t do well in school and hated sports. He had few friends and struggled socially and academically. His father was frustrated with him. Once his father made him join junior football, which Jude hated. His father said it would toughen him up. Jude broke his finger at the second practice and couldn’t play any longer. His father was disappointed.

After Jude prayed for his father and offered his sacrifice to the Lord, he went to sleep. The following morning, he woke to find his “diamonds” gone. He ran to tell his mother and sister that the Lord accepted his sacrifice and surely his father would be saved. His joy overflowed.

Years passed and when Jude was 13, his father accepted Christ as his savior. His father tried to play the role of a father, but he and Jude were strangers. The father grew more frustrated with the boy’s poor performance in school and strongly encouraged Jude to try different activities. His father was fully aware of Jude’s I.Q., so he was mostly upset by his underachievement.

At the age of 16, Jude took vocational training to be a chef. He enjoyed it, but his teacher told him his work was “s***.” Jude was crushed and quit school not telling anyone his reasons. He began working at a Burger King (BK) and eventually earned his GED.

A friend from BK introduced Jude to her cousin. Her cousin was an attractive young man, who identified himself as a gay male. Eventually, they became involved in an intimate relationship. Jude contracted HIV.

Jude comes to you for help when he is 19 years old. You are a social worker responsible for counseling and linking clients to services. His conservative Christian family does not know of his HIV status. He tells you his sister is the only family member that knows he is gay. He is very conflicted over what the Bible says about same sex relationships and his strong belief that God created him to be a gay male. Jude finds himself crying often and having difficulty sleeping. He needs healthcare and has a limited support system.


After reading the case study and researching, please write a 7-10 page APA formatted paper (including section headings), addressing the following:



  • Provide an introductory paragraph to the paper including a thesis statement.


  • First, discuss your initial feelings.


  • What are some societal stereotypes of young gay men? Describe a minimum of four stereotypes.
  • In what ways do culture’s structures and values oppress, marginalize, and/or alienate those who self-identify as gay men?  Describe at least three ways.


  • Honestly look at yourself and describe your biases in regards to this case.
  • Identify your understanding of how difference has shaped Jude’s life experiences. What questions would you want to ask Jude?  Identify five questions you would want to ask.  Please write these in paragraph form and not bullet points.
  • How could you learn from him?  Please think beyond simply learning about what it is like to be gay from Jude.  Instead, think of Jude’s personal character traits that can be learned from.


  • What are your personal values as it corresponds to this case?
  • How does the Bible impact your social work practice in this case? Cite Bible verses.
  • How would you manage these values in way that allows the values of the profession to guide your practice?


  • List the bio-psycho-social spiritual aspects of this case study.  In an assessment, only include facts as presented in the case study, rather than your own speculation on the case.  Please list them by category in paragraph form.







  • Define the problem this young man presents.  Be sure to describe the multiple problems that are presented.


  • What does the textbook say about this defined problem?
  • What research have you found from a professional journal about this defined problem?
  • What wisdom have you gathered about his problem?


  • As a social worker, how do the Social Work Values and the Code of Ethics impact your response? Use examples.


  • After analyzing the research from your text and journal article(s), develop a course of action and effectively communicate your written plan. Remember your roles as counselor and broker to services.


  • Provide a conclusion to the paper.


Remember to use proper APA format for the paper.  Be sure to cite your references.  You will need to use at least three professional sources for this paper.   Please use headings to keep your paper organized and your sections clearly labeled.  Your paper should be at least 7 pages and no more than 10 pages.  This is in addition to your cover page and reference page.

The Case Study Paper Template may be helpful to you as you write your paper.


Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.

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